Points with the Missus

It's a genius plan.

Except I'm not the genius, she is. My wife is a high school teacher and every now and then she tells her kids she'll bring in some baking, which is where I come in. The last time that promise was made we had some lemons left in the bowl and I made these lemon muffins as minis with a dollop of lemony icing on top.

Obviously I did quality checking before handing them over for the students. WOW! They pack a lemony punch.

My wife used them as a bribe; a 'work hard, get a muffin' sort of thing. The kids loved them, so she was happy and I earned points for being a good husband. Everyone wins.

See? Genius. Next time I figured I'd go with brownies. That way they'd be brownie points. Mmmm?


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