I got the Hankering

I remember apple crumble as being the most delicious treat in the world when I was in my teens. It was something that every good restaurant had on their dessert menu. Fine places like Pizza Hut and Cobb'n'Co, for example.

And I probably haven't eaten it since I was 17.

For some reason, today I got The Hankering. Are you familiar with The Hankering? It's that 'I gotta have it, nothing else can happen till I do' feeling. It sometimes sits at the back of your mind for days until finally you have to do something about it.

I decided not to wait for days.

Much like myself, I discovered, the humble crumble has grown up. Now you put nuts and spice and other stuff in it. This recipe is one I made up this afternoon, based on a little research, what I had in the pantry and the fact that I like a little tang in the apples. I reckon you'll like it. I had seconds ... and thirds.


  1. Love your blog, its great to see a guy baking. The apple crumble looks amazing, pitty its after mid night or I'd be in the kitchen making it.

  2. Hi Sophia ... this is good anytime of day or night! Thanks for the kind words :-)