Curds and wahay!

A quick one:

Pancakes and lemon curd. You have to do this.

These are the pancakes:
3/4 Cup standard flour.
1 good teaspoon baking powder
A pinch of salt
1 egg (whisked)
2/3 - 3/4 Cup whole milk
30 grams melted butter.

That mixture only makes 4 - 6 pancakes, but that's enough for my son and I for breakfast. Throw it all and and whisk.When you're cooking here are a couple of tips to make sure they come out perfectly every time:

1. The pan has to be medium - hot. Chuck some butter in. If the butter bubbles and cooks straight away, that's cook. If the butter goes brown or black straight away, that's bad.
2. Go with a smaller pan rather than a bigger one. All cooktops are a bit uneven and a smaller pan gives you a better chance at the pancakes coming out uniform.
3. Use a ladle to put the mixture in your pan. That way you can measure you much is going in and get them near enough to the same size. It's tidier too.
4. Flip the pancakes when they bubble on top.

When they're done, smear them in lemon curd. It'll make you moan. In a good way.


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