Happy Birthday to Me.

It was my birthday yesterday. 


Well, I never saw that coming. That's old. Really old. I remember when I was 11 working out that when I was 30 it would be the year 2000. I never actually thought it would really, seriously happen. Now 30 was 13 years ago. A distant memory.

So here I am; an elderly Bloke who Bakes. I decided to buy myself a little something. Make that a big something. This big something:

And with my new Manly Mixing Machine I made the most manly of all baked goods: vanilla cupcakes. The recipe is from the mega-famous folk at Magnolia Bakery in New York.

To really up the bloke factor I figured pink icing would be the go. I don't have to tell you, they were delicious.

Make them. You won't regret it. And here's a tip (because that's how I roll): Time and full fat milk are the keys to great cupcakes. And more icing than is decent.


  1. Fantastic! You did manage to up the manly-factor by not piping the icing. I mean, only girls do that :P

  2. Ooh, you have the same Kenwood mixer as me (except mine's white)! *drool*

  3. Cafe Chick ... it's classy aye! In red or white it looks like a rocket ship, I reckon.

    Tuesday ... Piping? I tried piping chocolate icing onto afghans once and it looks a LOT like somethign a dog had left on the biscuits. Not good. Not good at all.