It's a man thing.

Here's the thing about being a bloke: we need to impress. We need to impress women with our intelligence, wit and charm. We need to impress other blokes with our strength and sporting knowledge and all round manliness.

I, unfortunately, am lazy. So as I set out to impress there is always the question at the back of my mind: can I be impressive without putting in too much effort?

As a bloke who bakes that translates to: can I make something that looks amazing, tastes great, will wow the judges (guests), but that I can throw together between picking up the kids, helping with homework and bathing babies?

Gentlemen and ladies, I have found the answer and it is - yes. Yes I can. And so can you. Italians will want to shove a horse head into my bed for saying so (don't follow that link if you're an animal lover or queasy) but I've found a cheats way to do tiramisu.

All you need is some chocolate chip biscuits, some cream and a cup of coffee. Oh, and if you have some chocolate to shave or grate over the top that wouldn't hurt.


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