Some days suck.

Not many, but some.

I can NOT explain why, but on the suckiest days the thing I like to do is bake. Maybe it’s because it gives me something to focus on. Maybe it’s because at the end of the baking part I get to eat. Maybe it’s because it’s just quiet, methodical, cathartic.

Hang on. I just said I can’t explain it.

So yesterday, after a tired, kids shouting, too much to do, frustrating, 'my team lost last night', rainy, windy day stuck inside the shack I decided to bake a batch of these things. Afghonuts. The perfect combination of Afghan and coconut. Then I ate a couple of them.

Chocolate hit!

The satisfaction of a job well done. The fact that my son was into them too kinda helped the day get better. I've set some aside for a couple of mates who like chocolate as well. That way my day gets better and so does theirs.


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