Bowl me over!!

A while back my step-mum gave me a mixing bowl that had been my Grandma's. Penny (step-mum) told me she'd never used it because she was afraid she'd break it.

I use this bowl every day.

Every day.

I love it. It's exactly the right size, solid, good weight, microwave safe. It's everything a bowl should be. I just googled the make and reg. number on the bottom. Turns out the bowl is nearly 100 years old!  there's a similar one for sale online for $US120.

Not that I'll ever sell this - it was my Grandmother's mixing bowl - but by hokey! Nearly 100 years old!! You can buy new ones. If you get one, in a hundred years your great, great grandkids might blog about it. Or whatever they do in a hundred years.

Today I made chocolate chip cookies in the bowl.

How about that? It was microwave safe about 80 years before microwaves.


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