Try this tri-pie.

Big newsflash: I'm essentially a lazy man. Maybe that should just read, a typical man. I'll always create work for myself by trying to find the easiest way out.

As usual a coupla days back I had a hankering for something to eat and there was nothing in the cupboards. And as usual I couldn't be bothered finding my car keys, opening the garage, driving all the way to the dairy and buying biscuits. So I baked.

And it took waaaaay longer than it would have to just go buy something. But in the end it was so much better too.

A quick fish through the pantry and fridge gave me some pastry that I needed to use, apples that I'd bought to many of and a little left over cream. A clafoutis would have been quick and easy. Maybe a tarte tatin with the apples, but the pastry was short, not puff. Soooo - no. Plain old apple pie?

Then I decided - why not do ALL of them ... as a single dish? Why not indeed.

So it was that the world's first three in one pie as born. All caramelized, tangy-apple, buttery, fluffy goodness in a pastry shell.

Best right out of the oven served with whipped cream. The recipe is here. Do it. Your heart won't thank you, but your taste buds surely will.


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