Success at last.

I like to bake, right? But the baking still has to be eaten. The problem? Finding something that EVERYBODY in the family is gonna want. I've tried almost everything. Stuff I like, my kids don't want to know about.

Actually, the baked goodies they like all have icing and then they only eat the top half and leave the rest for me, slimed with saliva.

Until now!

Yep. We found one. Blueberry muffins. Okay, okay, it's taken me four years to figure out that the most popular baked item in any cafe was the one for us. But who cares if I'm slow. I got there in the end.

Neil gave me the recipe. It's even in my flippin' book. Should have thunk of it ages ago.

Try 'em. The whole family will like them.


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