No better feeling!

You know that thing when someone asks for a recipe and you give them one and then they make it and take it to a party?

I had that over the weekend. Only the party was a big deal and the recipe really was mine and not just out of the Edmond's book and the person making it needed it to come out great because it had to impress people who know what they're doing. So ... pressure on.

This was what I told her to make. The secret is the cranberries. And the spices. And the brown sugar.

Then when I didn't hear from her after the party I got nervous. I hadn't worked, I thought. She can't bear to tell me how bad it was, I thought. I have failed her, I thought.

So guess how good it felt when I got this text:

OMG! Divine! Blew everyone away!!

Best feeling ever. Because the thing about baking is this: it's for sharing. The food or the recipes or ideas, or whatever. What's the point of baking great cakes if you're the only one eating them?


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