Oh. My. Blog.

A blinding flash of inspiration and the desperate need to use the remaining lemon curd led to this:

Little Gingernut, Superwine cookie cups filled with the delicious lemony loveliness. I don't mind boasting ... These were so good it's ridiculous. So good that even my harshest critic (read: wife) was impressed.

The base is just 100 grams of about a half and half mix of the biscuits blasted and mixed with about 45g melted butter then pressed into a mini muffin tray lined with plastic wrap. Chill the little buggers and fill with good lemon curd.

Serve with whipped cream and/or berries. And a good, big dollop of smug self-satisfaction.


  1. Well done Steve - this is a recipe even D could master! But now he has your book (a Father's Day present) we expect great things from the kitchen!

  2. Someone bought the book!! Brilliant. Hope D is keeping you happy with many, many baked goods.